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Jan 30, 2013 6:30pm EST
, she says it's not a leap, but the economy is chugging along. trucking is up in recent markets. joel naroff said, look at shoppers leaving the malls. are they empty handed or still carrying several bags? and paint prices. it's more than just a fresh coat. it the writing on the wall. more demand for paint and it's key ingredients send the prices up. all things to watch for and tonight, the walters say they'll be looking, as they look for more pralaces to travel to. >> we can think about those places we'd like to travel that are still on our bucket list. >> reporter: there are many places still on their bucket list. and you heard the economists there say, while we're not there yet, that the foundation of this recovery is real. watch for those trucks on the entertainment, watch for the paint prices, when they start to go up, there's real demand. >> the big picture tonight from david muir. thank you. >>> and we want to bring you upto date on the eerie sight in china tonight. you know they are battling polluted smog, so thick, you can barely make out those cars on the highway. more than 1
Feb 6, 2013 6:30pm EST
policy for the u.s. economy. >> this time, there will be change. or there will be chaos. >> reporter: anonymous, a loosely affiliated network of hackers spread across the globe, and during the hack of the fed, anonymous stole the log-in credentials of 4,000 bankers at across the country. allowing them to disrupt a key emergency communication system. >> citizens of the world. we have seen the erosion of due process. the delusion of constitutional rights. >> reporter: greg house, a former member of anonymous, says expect more attacks on the government. >> all these big bankers and all these big rich people who have caused a lot of the problems we've had for the last few years, are not getting prosecuted. >> reporter: the fbi has had some success against suspected anonymous associates. arresting at least 20, including one man during this bust, caught on a web cam. >> fbi! get down right now! >> reporter: but finding and arresting members of anonymous is challenging. for the fbi, each targeted computer network is a crime scene. >> you want to look for the digital footprints. you look to
Jan 29, 2013 6:30pm EST
, which drive so much of the economy, rose more last year than any te since that housing bubble. prices surging to their highest point in six years. so, is now the time to sell? or will the value keep rising? abc's david muir here right now. david? >> reporter: big questions tonight, diane. and the real estate experts i talked to cede said if the value of your home is completely recovered from the recession, then it might be a great time to sell. not a lot on the market, to a seller's dream. but even if you are not going to sell, economists say these housing numbers tonight are good news for you, too. this spike in home prices unthinkable just two years ago. economists who study prices across 20 american cities tonight revealing they see the biggest increase year to year in more than six years. home values up 5.5%. barbara come ran founded the largest real estate company in new york. >> we haven't seen this in probably seven years. >> reporter: so, what has buyers lining up? those historically low interest rates, still at lows not seen since the early 1970s. >> hi, abc. >> repor
Feb 1, 2013 6:30pm EST
one day? many endured white knuckle days the economy tanking, debating along the way, should i keep my money in? do i take it out? dave ramsey travel as cross the country giving financial advice, 5 million radio listeners a week, giant voice urging boomers near the bottom of the market -- telling them keep their money in. >> a lot of people think if they take it out they can time the market. >> we were standing in the street corners screaming when everything was goi ining gown d pull your money out, the only person that gets hurt on ai roller coaster are those that jump off. >> reporter: a study says americans plan to put off retirement. this woman stayed the course, giving fitness tips to other boomers but advice her husband listened to, her own that paid dividend, keepinging their 401(k)s. >> he wanted to pull everything out, i hoped it would come back, we decided to leave it there and hope it would come back. >> reporter: who was right? >> theoretically i was, but it's come back about 75%. >> reporter: and look at this tonight, our business unit crunching number, if you had $125,
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)